Unfair contract negotiations

Unfair contract negotiations

One week into the new unfair contracts law and I just had one of the easiest experiences negotiating a contract for a small business that I can remember. Why might this be? This new law is changing the rules of the game. Bargaining power has shifted significantly in favour of “small business” and no one […]

Legal considerations of ChatGPT

Curium Legal Technology

ChatGPT wrote this blog post. Kinda… A slight oversimplification perhaps. I planned this blog post and put together some careful prompt engineering. Telling ChatGPT what I wanted to cover: Legal considerations of ChatGPT. I told it that I wanted an SEO friendly post on the legals of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence. I gave it headings […]

Flexible Working Requests

Flexible Working Requests

The next round of Fair Work Act changes drop on 6th June 2023. These are the changes dealing with flexible working requests. The main change for employers is that you need to discuss the request with the employee, genuinely consider their needs and the consequences if you don’t allow the change in working arrangements and […]

Key Lessons for business from the Optus data hack

Lawyer explains to business

Everywhere we turn right now, people are talking about the Optus data hack. Most of us are affected customers but what other lessons should we be taking from this? Here are some of the key lessons for every business owner and manager. Carefully consider your data protection strategy This involves asking: What data do you […]

Why an online law firm?

Online Law Firm

When I started my business in the middle of Covid, the choice to be an online law firm was obvious. I mean, there was no other choice really! But using technology to streamline law services continues to make sense for the business and for our clients. Law firms have traditionally been designed for large businesses. […]

Terms and conditions templates 

Every website you visit and every thing you download comes with a set of terms and conditions. I write these for a living and I am just as guilty as everyone else of scrolling to find the ‘accept’ button so I can get on with what I was doing. But have you wondered why they’re […]

Insolvency Surge Expected

Industry commentators are predicting that business insolvencies will steadily increase across 2022.  Court actions have been back at pre-pandemic levels, having jumped 58% over November, December and January compared to the year prior, as banks and the ATO end the Covid reprieve.  The perfect storm including supply chains issues with China’s management of Covid, the […]

Company Director ID and other Corporations Act changes

From today, 5 April 2022, company directors need to apply for a director ID number before they are appointed to a company. This means that directors can’t use fraudulent identities or be involved in multiple failed businesses without being identified. It only takes 5 minutes (if you can remember your myGovID password).  This is the […]