Why an online law firm?

Sarah Gee

When I started my business in the middle of Covid, the choice to be an online law firm was obvious. I mean, there was no other choice really! But using technology to streamline law services continues to make sense for the business and for our clients.

Law firms have traditionally been designed for large businesses. For too long, smaller businesses have been left paying the fees and getting the style of advice that is more appropriate for bigger businesses. No small business wants to pay thousands for a 5 page letter written in dense “legalese.” They want practical advice, fast and in a way that they understand.

The Curium Legal vision is to break down the barriers that businesses usually experience when seeing lawyers. This means:

  • you don’t have to see us between 9-5, Monday to Friday. We offer flexible hours that suit business owners who are on the tools or managing teams during the day
  • you can text us, message us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, talk to us on Teams. Use whatever language is comfortable for you. No airs and graces needed
  • we will give you more than one fixed fee option to choose from. We tailor our support to your budget and where you’re at on your business journey

While I have focused on making the law accessible for small business, I am finding bigger businesses are loving our approach as well!

Clients are telling us that the main benefits of using our online service are time and convenience. You can book a time online, and choose whichever way of engaging with us that suits you best.

There is an invisible barrier when seeing a lawyer in a fancy office in their fancy suit that can be a little intimidating and can stop you asking questions or feeling empowered.

By breaking down those barriers and letting you choose the most comfortable way to engage us, we also cater for all kinds of personal preferences and diversities including neuro-diversities. We want you to be empowered and get what you need so you can sleep at night knowing the legal stuff has been ticked off the endless to do list.

Lastly, the benefits of working from home are now well and truly known to all. Happier lawyers means more room for creativity and fun in what we do. Some of my best ideas come while out bushwalking, doing the dishes, or making endless snacks for my boys.

I love working with businesses from all over Australia and am continually improving our services with customer experience at the heart of what we do.

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